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Welcome to No Shame - a unique educational platform where you can find reliable information on sexuality. We have created a practical guide to the most important issues related to sexuality. As knowledge and terminology in sexology are rapidly evolving, the information on the website is regularly updated. We juxtapose medical knowledge with social equality trends. We dispel harmful myths about sexuality. We support healthy psychosexual development.

The site is aimed at adults, parents, medical students, sexuality educators, those working in therapy, as well as those wishing to expand their knowledge.


Miłosz Hodun, PhD. (he/him) – President of the Projekt: Polska Foundation and the Foundation’s legal expert. Vice President of the European Liberal Forum. Author and editor of publications on hate speech and populism. Lecturer at the Department of Law, Reykjavik University.

Michał Sawicki (he/him) – psychologist-sexologist and therapist, member of the Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy. Specialist in the field of sexology, health promotion and harm reduction. Coordinator of projects on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and supervisor in organisations providing psychological assistance to people in crisis.

Michał Tęcza (he/him) – sex educator and anti-discrimination trainer. Expert in psychological support for minorities. Coordinator of preventive healthcare projects. Author of workshops on LGBT+ rights, minority inclusion, sexually transmitted infections, and sex education.


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – was founded in Germany in 1958. Its aim is to promote political education and provide comprehensive support for efforts to promote freedom and respect for every human being. The Foundation is active in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Central America. Through a network of regional offices, it supports human rights, the rule of law and democracy. The Foundation pursues its objectives by initiating and strengthening transatlantic and international dialogue, in particular through the organisation of conferences and study visits and the release of publications. Furthermore, the Foundation supports local, regional and national projects for minority rights, democratic control of security forces and the building of international human rights coalitions.

Projekt: Polska Foundation – was established in 2007 to support efforts to create a more modern, open and liberal Poland. The Foundation is an interdisciplinary think-do tank pursuing its goals through scientific research, social projects, as well as educational and information campaigns. It acts as a platform for cooperation, combining the knowledge and experience of professionals who come from different backgrounds and believe in a progressive Poland in a strong Europe.

Instytut Edukacji Równościowej (Institute for Equality Education)ównościowej – is an educational and research programme of the Projekt: Polska Foundation, which carries out activities to support equality education, civic education and sex education. The Institute’s experts are psychologists, educators, lawyers, sociologists and political scientists who promote reliable know-how concerning knowledge-based education, in particular through publishing activities and support for teachers and educators from Poland and Eastern Europe.


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